Hormone Therapy

We use hormone pellets inserted under the skin to deliver hormone therapy continuously for a period of 3-5 months at a time. These pellets contain specific hormones to help both men and women. Pellets can be a useful mode of delivery for hormones because patients will not have to remember to take or apply them every day, there is no risk that the hormone may rub off on someone else unlike the use of a hormone replacement patch and some people may also absorb hormones more efficiently from an intradermal pellet than other routes. Upon initial evaluation, one of our providers will perform an interview then order any lab work needed to determine which hormones may benefit you. After the pellets have been inserted, our providers will monitor your hormone levels at intervals to determine if any additional treatments are needed.

We offer saliva testing as a solution to unwanted blood work for determination of hormone levels. Unlike typical blood work, saliva testing in not painful and in performed by collecting patients saliva in a plastic tube for testing. Saliva testing offers an advantage over traditional blood testing because it determines the bioavailable amount of hormones circulating within the patient, this is the amount of hormones that are available to be absorbed into target tissues. Traditional blood work determined the amount of hormones that are in the bloodstream, 95% of hormones in the bloodstream are bound to carrier proteins and not available for tissue absorption. Thus, saliva testing allows for more precise monitoring of hormones available for tissue absorption.