Not all vitamins are created equally

B 12 injections

Our B12 injection utilizes methylcobalamin instead of cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin is the most effective form of B12 and can be used by the body at significantly lower doses than the popular alternative. Methylcobalamin is also naturally occurring and has much more bioavaibility than cyanocobalamin, this makes it easier for the body to use for energy and metabolism.

Thorne Research

We are partnering with Thorne Research to provide our patients access to the very best nutraceuticals from the front runners of the industry. These products are EAS Sports Nutrition and NSF International certified, this ensures that all products and labeling has been reviewed and tested for efficacy.

Nutraceuticals can be added to benefit a variety of areas including: Sports Performance, Liver & Detox, Bone & Joint, Heart & Vessels, Gut Health, Immune, Metabolism, Stress, Women's Health, Cognition & Focus, Sleep, Energy, Men's Health, Hair Skin & Nails, and Thyroid.


"Nutraceutical" is defined as any substance that may be considered a food or part of a food, and provides medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. The end product can range from an isolated nutrient to a functional food or a dietary supplement. The targeted effectiveness varies from product to product. These products can be designed for full body system effects or cellular level effects. As the choices for these supplements expand it becomes critical that patients have the resources to make informed decisions about the benefits purported. Our providers will work with each patient to determine which products will yield the patient's desired outcome.