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Before treatment a numbing cream will be applied so that the procedure is more comfortable for our patients. During treatment, the laser emits a pulse that travels harmlessly through the skin and is attracted to the pigment of the hair. The laser then heats up the hair's shaft and root causing it to be destroyed and unable to regrow hair. All hair that are in the active growth stage will be destroyed. Treatments will need to be repeated every 4-6 weeks since not all hairs are in the active growth stage at the same time. Contact us today to learn more about laser hair removal in Tampa, FL.


Results will vary depending on the individual targeted areas and hair thickness in that area. Patients can discuss their desired results with our experts and schedule treatments every 4-6 weeks until desired results are achieved. After 3-10 days many patients will notice the damaged hairs falling out and may choose to lightly exfoliate the area with a washcloth or loofah to help remove the damaged hairs. Optimal results are typically seen after 6-8 treatments.


  • Avoid tanning and sunless tanners for 1 month before procedure
  • Refrain from plucking or waxing the treatment area for 6 weeks before appointment
  • Shave the treatment area 2 days prior to appointment
  • Do not apply any cosmetics, deodorant, creams or lotions to treatment area on the day of your appointment

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