Are you someone who its tired of being prescribed more pills? Maybe you are looking for a different approach to your health and overall wellness. The approach using Metabolic Medicine may actually get to the bottom of why you aren’t feeling well and provide a new version of medicine to optimize your overall health. Treatment with Metabolic Medicine may be what you are looking for and what you have been missing.


Metabolic medicine is often described as the treatment of disease using the body’s natural biochemistry along with the most current scientific research to support the body’s optimal functioning and promote elite health of patients. It is the essentially the healing from the inside out. The word Metabolic is used because the term Metabolism refers to chemical changes in the cells of the body by which energy is provided for vital processes, and new material is combined to form new cells.

Metabolic Medicine providers specialize in functional medicine using the latest scientific research to understand the chemical processes that the body relies on to function at its best. This understanding is a study of how and why processes in the body may break down and cause problems that may lead to a variety of health problems. Providers are then able to use natural solutions to bring the body back into balance and the peak of functioning.

Our metabolism is composed of thousands of chemical processes taking place without our awareness. Our cell convert food we eat into fuel for the body and protein the body needs to function and grow. A problem in any step of the hundreds of processes the body undergoes can cause a metabolic disorder that may lead to a disease. It is therefore important for the body to have the correct food for fuel to perform these functions.

Metabolic medicine providers search for the underlying reason why someone is not feeling well: toxins in the body, deficient diet, suboptimal nutrient and even nutrition deficiencies.

Metabolic medicine providers understand that each person has a unique genetic makeup that will react differently to the environment. Providers often utilize extensive lab testing as a tool to look for optimal values rather than normal values in order to determine what is not working well for that individual. Then individualized recommendations can be made regarding what foods work best with your body and what supplements will optimize its functioning

Perhaps you think this describes all physicians, but in reality, traditional medicine uses man-made pharmaceuticals to alter the natural process of the body. These drugs prevent unwanted symptoms from being expressed, creating artificial health of sorts, rather than getting to the crux of the problems and repairing the underlying problem.  This is where Bioidentical hormones come into play and may significantly help correct a metabolic problem you may have.


Types of metabolic treatment include:

  • Weight Loss Therapies
    • Oral Medication:
      • Phentermine
      • Phentermine/naltrexone
      • Phentermine/Bupropion HCl/Topiramate / Naltrexone HCl / Methylcobalamin
      • Oxandrolone (Anivar)
    • Injectable Medication:
      • B Vitamins
      • MICC Injections
      • Peptides
      • Semaglutide ( Ozempic )
  • Immune Therapy
    • Exosomes
    • Vitamin C home injections
    • Oral supplements
  • Hormone Therapy
    • Armour thyroid
    • Nandrolone
    • Testosterone


Metabolic medicine providers care encomposes the body and mind as a whole. They understand that many factors such as lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, nutrition intake, and hormone balance can lower the body’s natural reserves and directly affect how patients think and feel. Some traditional doctors target a single condition and may not consider global factors which may negatively affect a person’s overall health and wellness.

A Metabolic medicine provider identifies where in the normal metabolic process things have broken down, which factors may have caused disease to settled in, and then seeks to restore optimal health and wellness by prescribing missing or often deficient nutrients or hormones. Providers often provide suggestions for lifestyle modifications including diet, exercise, and stress reduction to help restore balance in the body.

In addition, metabolic medicine providers may recommend a personalized regimen of supplements to correct the underlying metabolic imbalance, strengthen the body naturally, and attempt to prevent a return of the same. It is important to recognize, the entire process from your initial consultation until you experience positive results takes more time and careful review than a traditional medical visit. The end result is most certainly impressive and each step of the journey of your medical care is worth all the time and effort.

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