Immune therapy is the process by which a physician boosts your own bodies immune to help you fight infections, disease and other illness. Much like immunotherapy which is a type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer by using biological therapies such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and T-cell transfer therapy; immune therapy uses a natural means of helping your body to fight infections. Our immune system helps the body fight infections and other diseases. It is made up of white blood cells, organs, and tissues of the lymph system.

In the last decade immune therapy has become an important part of treating fatigue, mood, illness, injury and disease. New therapies are being tested, approved, and new ways of boosting the immune system are being discovered at a fast rate.

Immune therapy may work better for some types illness and disease than others. The same is said to be true of each person. Similar therapies do not always work the same form one person to another with or without the same concerns, diagnosis , illness, or disease. What is often said to be the traditional thought, is treatment tends to be more successful when combined. Some conditions are treated with single therapy and others traditionally have a faster recovery when multiple therapies or modalities are used.


Immune therapy uses certain parts of a person’s immune system to fight diseases and promote wellness. Therapy with natural oral or injectable supplements or IV therapy may:

  • Stimulate your own bodies natural defense
  • Boost your immune system so it works harder
  • Boost your bodies awareness of illness
  • Promote the bodies defence and attack strategies
  • Restore balance and optimal functioning of the body
  • Making substances in a lab that are just like immune system components and using them to help restore or improve how your immune system works to find and attack cancer cells


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  • B-Complex
  • Biotin
  • Tri – Immune Boost
  • Glutathione
  • Mineral Blend
  • Zinc


  • B-Complex
  • Biotin
  • Glutathione
  • Immune Boost
  • Mineral Blend
  • NAD+
  • Vitamin C


  • IV Push Injections
  • IV Infusions



Vitamin C may show benefit for the growth and repair of tissues of the body. It may help boost body collogen production helping growth of skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. This lowers recovery time and return to optimal health faster. Many studies show benefit in wound healing and repair of bone and teeth.

Some reports report benefits of booting energy, and may help prevent iron deficiency.


Glutathione is naturally occurring substance that acts as an antioxidant to detoxify the body and boost the immune system. It has shown benefit in aiding the body repair damage caused by injury, stress, poor diet, aging, pollution, radiation, infection, drugs, trauma, and burns. Because glutathione is not well absorbed when taken orally, injections are much more effective.

Glutathione has been thought to show benefit when used for prevention in reducing free radicals that can damage in the body and help prevent disease and inflammation. Simply put, glutathione may
increase energy, detoxify the liver and body, improve skin clarity and boost the immune system


Is an ionic salt essential for the synthesis of cholesterol, protein, and fats. It also play a vital role in proper functioning of the immune system. Zinc is required for enzyme activity need for cell growth, wound healing and the release of Vitamin A from the liver. It has been shown to maintain prostate reproductive health and improve the function of insulin, thus improving fat burning in the body.

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